About Us

Quality Truck Accessories has been in business over 25years serving the East Texas area.  We provide a wide variety of Truck Accessories for Passenger Trucks.  We strive to help our customers determine what products they need and want.  Then we obtain those products and install them to the customers satisfaction. 

Longview Drive Shaft and 4 x 4 Shop is the most recent addition to the QTA family.  Having been in their location just down the road for over 10 years, they also have a loyal following of satisfied customers.  Anything relating to the suspension that needs attention, they can handle.  From lifting trucks to building drive shafts for almost anything.  Gear and Axles, Ball Joints, U-Joints, Leaf Springs and U-Bolts are just some of the type work they do and do well.

Let us help fix up your new or old pick-up or Jeep, just the way YOU want it.  It is fun work and we like doing it!